We are eight Consortium organisations targeting our know-how and resources to the population in the countries lagging far behind internationally agreed targets for water and sanitation. By implementing 20 projects in three regions we increase access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation, improved hygiene and water for family farming. We share knowledge and expertise and strengthen the advocacy and policy dialogue.


Aguasan workshop 2017

The 33rd AGUASAN Workshop on the topic “Circular economy – transforming waste into resources” took place in Spiez, Switzerland from June 26 ...
Opening of the Water Team Days in Bern

SDC Water Team Days 2017

  The SDC Water Team Days 2017 took place in Bern on 22-23 June 2017.  The SDC Water Team Days are ...
Familie Khalku aus Bosnoil. Vater Subodhjam ist Bauer, seine älteren beiden Töchter Shati und Bithi besuchen eine Blue School von Caritas.

Tender for consultancy to help refining Blue Schools 2.0

The Swiss Water and Sanitation Consortium is looking for a Consultant to assist in preparing an approach and tools for “Blue Schools ...

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