Improved Medical Waste Management in Health Care Facilities in Mali


Improved training materials in the Segou Region and contribution to the revision of national standards

Following the successful training of over 70 health workers on medical waste management, the Health Directorate of Segou Region approved and adopted the Consortium’s training module for waste management in health care facilities, making it a part of the guidelines used by its Hygiene Division. In June 2016, based on this success, the project team was invited to join a three day workshop of the National WASH Task Force for Health Care Facilities, chaired by the National Health Directorate. The objective of the workshop was to inform the revision of reference documents on procedures and standards for Health Care Facilities. Consortium members led the working group tasked to propose revisions to the manual of procedures for waste management at health care facilities. The National Health Directorate is in the process of finalizing three reference manuals, including medical waste management, based on the results of the workshop.

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