How to run successful WASH facility in market centres in Bangladesh

Caritas Bangladesh Care Taker Market Facility

The newly constructed latrine and water facilities at Tompara Bazaar, Bangladesh now serve 80 permanent shopkeepers, 38 families living adjacent to the bazaar , 200 regular buyers and 1200-1500 buyers and sellers on weekly market-day. Previously these shopkeepers, families and floating sellers used to defecate in the open, causing an unhealthy environment. The local Market Management Committee (MMC) took up the responsibility for the operation and maintenance (O&M) including ensuring cleanliness of the facility. They have also appointed one cleaner for cleaning the toilets regularly on permanent basis. Apart from generating regular revenues for O&M, the MMC have been accumulating money for future repair, maintenance and extension of the service. This way, the Consortium project achieved a significant improvement of Tompara Bazaar’s environmental sanitation. It also induced positive behaviour change of local people as they are now willing to use and pay for toilet facilities which were unavailable before.

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