Menstrual Hygiene Management in Schools in Nepal (Video)

Menstrual hygiene management systems (MHM) put in place in schools in Nepal consists of three main activities:

  • Facilitate school WASH training with a special focus on menstrual hygiene for girl students. This also includes how to make reusable sanitary pads for household purpose (to teach to the women in the community wherever feasible).
  • Implement a management system of sanitary pads in school: ensuring sufficient quantity, their proper storing and availing the pads to the needy girls timely and easily.
  • Install arrangement for collection/proper keeping of used sanitary pads in a tray inside the incinerator, attached to the ladies toilets and burning them properly at certain interval of time.

Eight schools in different districts in Nepal have followed all the above mentioned activities and ensure that both software and hardware are properly in place. According to the principal of those schools, all girls of menstrual age including female teachers are benefiting from these facilities. Teachers mention that due to these provisions in schools, no girls are leaving school during their periods.