Media broadcasts news on solar lifting drinking water supply system in Nepal


In Nepal, different medias have covered news on the solar lifting drinking water supply system, which was implemented by a Consortium project in villages of the Dailekh District. Their main massage is that villagers are happy benefiting from the new technology getting water nearby their houses.

The report broadcasted on Nepal Television (link) and the articles in the national daily newspaper Naya Patrika and the Kekrebihar daily newspaper of Surkhet district point out, that prior to the installation of this system, villagers had to walk long distances every day in order to fetch water. “The solar lift system made it possible to pump water up to the hill and provides water nearby the village, something I had never imagined”, the villager Top Bahadur Thapa explains. Mr. Mohan Bhatta, technical Coordinator of the project, says that the solar lift can pump water up to 90m height and 17 taps are to be installed for distribution. He adds, that ponds are constructed above the sources in order to ensure enough water discharge. The community has established an operation and maintenance fund, which ensures the long run of the system. According to the team Leader of the project, Madan Raj Bhatta, the Water Use Master Plan (WUMP) - instrument for local actors to address water management issues - has helped in identifying places, where the real need of such technology to serve the community is. The water supply system is presented as an example for development with a new technology, from which the community can benefit from.

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